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December 06, 2023
A Message From the President

  As a new member, I am sure there are many questions you have about the Teamsters Union. Understanding your Union will be extremlely important in the years to come. I urge you to become a active member of Local No. 24 and get involved. Please browse the website to get familiar with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and Local No. 24. Your degree of participation is totally up to you, from just paying your union dues, to attending the monthly membership meetings, or participating on the volunteer organizing committee.  It's your choice. There will always be room for you and we welcome new ideas. There are plenty of activities going on from attending Rallies on the War on Workers, Labor Day Parades or Phone Banking. Just ask, how can I help. 

  To become a member in good standing, you must take your oath of obligation. To accomplish this, attend our next Regular Meeting, or just schedule a time to come to the union office. I hope you will take an interest in your union and actively support your worksite Union Stewards. Working together, we can help insure equity on the job. The strength of Local No. 24 at your company is a direct reflections of the unity and participation of you, the members. If you have any questions, please let me know. The Union office is open from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. The telephone number is (234) 888-0848.

   To the rest of my Brothers and Sisters of Local No. 24, as you already know, were standing on the shoulders of our retirees who came before us and now its our turn to build on that legacy. Our fight is different in alot of ways, but never forget, its still a fight and we can't win without you. If there is anything that your Union can do for you. We have one rule - just ask.  


Travis W. Bornstein
Teamsters Local No. 24

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Local 24 Executive Board
Updated On: Oct 279, 2023


PRESIDENTTravis W. Bornstein
Principal Officer/Business Agent 

  • 31 years Active Teamsters Member Local No. 24.
  • 21 years President and Principal Officer Local No. 24.
  • 24 years Business Agent/Organizer Local No. 24.
  • Elected Secretary Treasurer - Teamsters Joint Council No. 41
  • Elected Recording Secretary - Ohio Conference of Teamsters
  • Trustee, Ohio Conference of Teamsters Health & Welfare Fund.
  • Chairman of the Finance Committee - Ohio Teamsters Strike Fund covering 34 Local Unions, 15 States, 78,000 participating members with $15 million in assets.
  • Chairman of Ohio Joint State Freight Division - Over-the-Road, Local Cartage and Private Carriage Committees.
  • Served as Chairman of the Central Region Local Cartage Grievance Committee for the National Freight Division.
  • Served as Personal Representative for the General President of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. 
  • Graduate from the Teamsters Leadership Academy – extensive training on contract negotiations, labor laws, organizing, local union planning, time management, contract language and communications.
  • Completed seminars in Central States Health, Welfare and Pension Plans.
  • Completed seminars from the US Department of Labor on union officer’s responsibilities and the Ohio Secretary of State on campaign finance reporting.
  • Completed seminars on Effective Negotiating Strategies
  • Vice President Teamsters Ohio D.R.I.V.E.
  • Member of D.R.I.V.E.
  • Former elected Dock/Yard Steward - Roadway Express.
  • Honorably discharged from the United States Marine Corps after four years of active duty, was meritoriously promoted to the rank of sergeant (E-5) at the age of twenty-one; graduated from Non-Commissioned Officers Leadership School in the top 6% of the class – clearly an indication of Reliability, Leadership and Character.

Phone: 234-888-0848, extension 12


  • 35 Years Active Teamster Member Local 24.
  • 11 Years Secretary Treasurer Local 24.
  • 21 Years Business Agent/Organizer Local 24.
  • 7 Years Vice President Local 24.
  • 25 Years Chairman of Local D.R.I.V.E. Committee.
  • Sergeant - At - Arms for Joint Council No. 41.
  • Panel Member Akron Local Cartage Grievance Committee.
  • Panel Member Ohio Joint State Local Cartage, Over-the-Road & Private Carriage Grievance Committees.
  • Graduated from the Teamsters Leadership Academy - Washington, D.C.
  • Elected Delegate/Alternate to the last four IBT Conventions.
  • Elected Delegate to the 29th IBT Convention.
  • Attended numerous IBT, Joint Council 41 & Ohio Conference of Teamsters Workshops.
  • Won well over $150,000 for the members in grievance & arbitration back pay awards.
  • As union organizer has produced results by winning representations elections & negotiating first contracts, adding new members to Local 24.
  • Former elected Dock/Yard Steward - Roadway Express.

Phone: 234-888-0848, extension 11


Brian Gibson, Y.R.C. Freight - City

  • 27 years active Teamster member of Local 24 & Local 407.
  • 23 years as Steward and Alternate Steward for Roadway/YRC Freight for the dock, yard and city.
  • Attended Local 24 Steward & Joint Council 41 Seminars.
  • Member of D.R.I.V.E.
  • Delegate to Joint Council 41.
  • Member of Local 24 Building Committee.
  • Experienced at all levels of the Ohio Joint State Grievance Committee.
  • Member of Local No. 24 Organizing Committee.
  • Elected Alternate Delegate to the 29th IBT Convention.
  • Served as Sergeant-At-Arms for Teamsters Local 24.
  • Served as Interim Business Agent for Teamsters Local 24.


Larry Newsom, A.B.F. Freight - City

  • 30 Year Active Teamster Member - Roadway, YRC, ABF Freight.
  • Current Recording Secretary.
  • 2 time elected Trustee of Local 24.
  • 25 years shop steward - Dock/Yard/City/Road.
  • Served on several Local Bylaws Committees. 
  • Member of D.R.I.V.E.
  • Served as conductor of Local 24.
  • Attended Numerous Local 24 Steward & Jount Council 41 Seminars.
  • Delegate to Joint Council 41.
  • Member of Local 24 Volunteer Organizing Committee.
  • Served as Seargent-at-Arms, Akron City Committee.
  • Served as Chairman of Local 24 Building Committee.
  • Elected Alternate Delegate to the 29th International Brotherhood of Teamsters Convention.
  • Experienced at all levels of the Ohio Joint State Grievance Committee.
  • Veteran - 9 years military service.
  • 2 years Kent State/University of Akron - English, Communication, Education.


Brian Moriarty, East Manufacturing

Rick Simpson, East Manufacturing

Glenn Wieland, Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated


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